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E3 2017 Megathread

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It's that time a year again for E3, the biggest event in the gaming industry. What are you hoping to see, what was your favorite announcement. Let's discuss it here.

I'm most looking forward to Sony's event and hope to get more information, release dates on God of War, Dreams, Death Stranding, and hopefully DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. Awhile back I also heard rumor of Resistance 4, I would love another game in that series despite Insomnia saying they would never make another.

I think Bethesda will release info on a new IP, (space RPG rumor?), and hopefully we will see what Amy Hennig has been up to at Visceral and Star Wars.


  • Limonstrosity
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    I'm heading to E3 in a few minutes. Super excited to get a glimpse of the Xbox One X. Looking forward to checking out new games over there. Check out new products from NVIDIA, AKRacing, Alienware, etc.
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  • laddie13
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    @Limonstrosity that's awesome! I thought about trying to get tickets this year but I didn't end up trying.

    I'm not real impressed with E3 this year, we pretty much knew everything, and didn't see much new. The God of War trailer was awesome, and I'm super happy getting some Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, but there were no real surprises. The game I'm most excited for that was only a rumor before E3 is Wolfenstein 2, and it's coming later this year!

    SuperMassive Games is fast becoming one of my favorite PlayStation developers, and I can't wait for Inpatient, especially after learning it is set in the early Until Dawn universe.
  • Magikf1ngers
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    Unfortunately - at least for my gaming tastes, I'm not seeing much that's got my interest this year.

    Wolfenstein always does.
    The Evil Within 2 looks very interesting.
    Dishonored 2 looks cool (I haven't played the first installment of either of those)

    I know I'm pathetic, but I also hold out a tiny sliver of hope each year that Half-Life 2 Ep 3 will be announced since that franchise left off in one great big stinking cesspool of a cliffhanger that's gone almost 10 years without completion. If I think about it too much, the OCD side of me goes into a blind rage.
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  • BrenoECB
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    i will not go to E3, probably never :(

    it's not good to live at 7308 Km of US
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