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cant connect to any data center in multiplayer?

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edited May 2017
Hello been trying form last month to connect to a data center to play online but i keep stayting in loading screen forever never load my lobby cant even play multiplayer in any data center at all tried everyone of them, past month a so been trying to fix the problem by checking the support page and trying everyfix possbile.
Been trying everything form {Error when starting game before download completes} to {Error: File corruption detected. Please repair or re-install the game} in TroubleShoot page and so far nothing happed im still stuck at loading page cant even login to my lobby and sreach for a match or anything.
here my dxdiag:-https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By_FgVBlWiBbMHQwWVJoc1YtNjg/view
*There link in top*
Region: middle east
Data Center:london
please need help been month snice i played the game :(


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