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Of all of social media, I'd say Twitter is my favorite. I joined back in 2009, and to this day I'm still salty that Laddie13 was taken, I had to add an extra 13. If any of you are also on Twitter you can find me @Laddie1313, I also have @Titanfall2sday for my community game night.


  • Magikf1ngers
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    Heh - Twitter is the one SM that I haven't picked up on. I should create an account one of these days. I barely pay attention to Facebook most of the time, and only look at Instagram and .. Pinterest (had to remember the name) when my wife tells me there's something to see on her feeds in there.

    I even removed my Google + page because I wasn't keeping up with it lol
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  • xIK0N88x
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    I love Twitter as well. I have a personal one @TitanfallNation and obviously also help out with the Titanfall2sday one as well!
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