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Our new mods

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Hey everyone,

I'm thrilled introduce our two new mods joining this week, @Magikf1ngers and @laddie13!

Super happy to have these folks helping out and big thanks to them both for being willing to dedicate their time to the forums. Say hello!
Jay Frechette | Community Manager | Respawn


  • laddie13
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    Thanks Jay, it's great to be here! While I may be new to the mod team here, I started moderating for Respawn at their official forums back in August of 2011 right up until they shut them down last year. I've been very proactive in the community, I'm also a mod at Titanfall community, and /r/titanfall. One of my proudest accomplishments is that I am the founder of Titanfall's longest running game night, Titanfall Tuesday.

    A brief introduction to those of you that are new, I'm Laddie, I'm known as Laddie13 almost everywhere (except the rare occasions someone got my user name before me). Despite the masculine property of my name, I am a girl. The only explanation I can really offer there is, my mom's family is 100 % Irish and either insane or alcoholics. I've been gaming my entire life, I like to say I was born with a controller in my hand. I'll play on anything you set in front of me, but my first love is PlayStation. I have all the current consoles with the exception of the Switch, which I've been unable to acquire, as well as a PC.

    I'm a craft beer and whiskey snob, enjoy all types of music (unless it is country), and think anything by David Lynch is brilliant. Shows I'm currently obsessing over are, American Gods, and The Handmaid's Tale. I could go on, but I won't bore you. Let's have fun here and get to know one another, and of course help make this one of the best communities to be part of.

  • Magikf1ngers
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    I'm very excited to take a more active role in the community here! Thanks, Jay / R3CON54! I consider this a real privilege.

    I feel like most of you regulars know me pretty well already - I tend to be who I am no matter where that is. Besides, I'm not good about talking about me, I never know how much to say / not to say.

    The problem is - I have more history than most of you have lives! I'm probably one of - if not the - oldest gamer you'll come across on a regular basis. My gaming started out when I was in Jr. High School (Middle school for most of you now) in 1977 and continues today, though around 84-ish is when I stopped almost completely with Consoles as I discovered the wonderful world of PC gaming and using a keyboard (and later, keyboard and mouse) to play PC games. Heck - I even resisted getting a mouse for the first few years they were around.

    My professional life has evolved from restaurant management in the '80s, computer sales from 90-91ish, then I started in IT, web design, got into software test, games testing and support (the last two at Microsoft), back into IT for a couple of years - had a health issue take me offline for about seven years - then I came back into IT, which has evolved into Digital Marketing and business strategy consulting for the last almost 8 years.

    Throughout everything - miserable restaurant management, miserable first marriage, etc - gaming has always been there. I've made some awesome friends in the gaming world. I ran a competitive clan for about 7 years, and even though we haven't competed in about 7, we're all still good friends and still get together for the occasional pub night in Battlefield or Counter-Strike. I've been trying to teach them the error of their ways and get them into Titanfall. At the height of that, I was administering three public servers and two private servers (2 Counter-Strike, 3 Battlefield pubs, and 1 each for private) a very popular clan forum, and later, after that clan sort of took a back seat, when COD: MW first came out, I joined another clan that I was an admin / clan leader with.

    Gaming has enriched my life in so many ways, and I want to give back, so here I am. I want to help everyone have the best time they can both in here and in-game.
    Come find me on the PC side - Magikf1ngers - network SLACKERS UNITED

    "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Eliot
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