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How to northstar

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  • T4Labok
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    We can watch videos on youtube for tips...and those videos take 10 minutes, not days...i don't really get the point of this thread
  • mwatts799900
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    its to give each other tips and communicate and help people work out the kinks
  • ProfArs
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    Step 1: Learn how to Railgun.
    Step 2: Place a tether in a corner near flanking routes everytime you get one.
    Step 3: Use hover to see hidden opponents and avoid Scorch/Ronin (kinda).
    Step 4: Don't rush into a group of titans.
    Step 4a: Don't rush into a group of titans and try to 360 no scope.
    Step 5: Don't try to 360 no scope.
    Step 6: Repeat Step 1.
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  • Devoidslate42
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    Northstar takes a while to get into but can be great once you get the hand of it. I would recommend taking the extra battery boost to get the most out of Northstar due to its limited health and lack of any shield based defensive ability.

    Maintain distance from any enemy titans as most of the time you will be destroyed before you have an opportunity to do any real damage. This goes doubly for scorches and Ronins. Use your natural mobility to your advantage, and use your dashes for hit an run style sniper shots. ( Dash out of cover, fire, dash back into cover before your enemy can fire back)

    The railgun is a fantastic weapon with a high damage potential, ( Eg. Fully charges shots on critical points) but it is projectile so you need to learn to lead you shots. Another point to make is, you don't need to fully charge all the time. At medium ranges 2-3 charges on the rifle will do more than enough damage at the same time as increasing your fire rate. ( Also a lot less costly if you miss compared to a fully charged shot)

    Hover can be a great way to find very odd or unexpected angles of attack, so use this to your advantage. A fully charged shot and a cluster missile on a flank can do large amounts of damage and distract your enemy. Do note you will be very exposed when hovering so try to do so where you can skirt around cover. ( As mentioned in the above post, hover can be used to evade ronin or scorch for a short time. You can usually out run scorch but ronin is more of a problem. Hover is a temporary solution, so try to find an exit or an ally who can help you out.)

    Tether traps are best put on corners or on the edges of streets etc, somewhere not completely out in the open as they are very easily noticed otherwise. Another tactic is to have a tether out ready and once perused by an enemy drop a smoke on it, to disguise it. This leads to a good opportunity to fire a few rounds into the enemy or a cluster missile. ( Can be very damaging if done correctly)

    Flight core is best used against on a flank attack during which the enemy won't immediately react to you. You will be very exposed, similar to using hover, so surprise attacks can increase the life of your Northstar.

    Titan kits and so on are down to personal preference, I tend to run an extra dash for insurance purposes. IT helps to out run an enemy ronin or just to help increase my life span.

    Titan specific kit wise, Either enhanced payload or viper thrusters would be my recommendation. Threat optics can be good to use while still getting to grips with how to play Northstar and is quite handy while dealing with pilots.

  • TH3SHUR1F-Ben
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    It's kind of a simple tip...but try to buddy up with a friendly Titan - or two - and chill near the back. Let them soak up damage while you lob rounds over their shoulders.
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  • OdysseyHome
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    This tip works with ronin and north.

    You can combine dash and utility abilities into super dashes.

    With ronin if you phase dash, then dash, you go flying. If you do this on top of a hill you will move super fast since you don't get slowed by friction; you are technically falling.

    With north-star if you dash off a hill, then use hover you can sorta replicate this effect, You can even dash on the way down. Skill full north stars use this to set up devastating flight core bombings because no one expects a north-star to be that high in the sky.
  • I use overcore and threat optics with mine I also fight close and well as at long distance, remember to throw in lots of cluster rockets especially aiming at titans for crit and multi hits there after. Thanks to overcore you can hit flight core more often and get on top of an enemy and pummel them with rockets then if any health is left execute them.

    Threat optics are great for across the map shots as you can hit the enemy with no problems.

    I have many a time been outnumbered yet still walked away from it.
  • TheMightyM0
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    I am Mr. Theory because in paper I sound really good but in practice, well, not so much.

    Most of what has been said already applies to using Northstar's kit. That's all good, but the biggest thing about Northstar is that she ABSOLUTELY requires you to know the map. This means that you need to know where to position yourself to give you good cover as well as good sightlines, as well as where you can go to quickly get out of that spot. A good example of this is Homestead. A lot of NS players i see will go way out in the fields to snipe, but i find that it doesnt give you enough cover to let you escape if a titan pushes you, so i hang out in the corners near the side routes by where you first drop into the map. That lets me fire on titans pretty well while controling the number of ways enemy titans can reach me and has the added bonus of making my shots easier to land because I'm a little closer.

    Even more importantly, you need to know where you will be flanked from. Put your tethers up in a spot well ahead of where you are going to fire from to notify you that an enemy is trying to flank you, and book it out of there as soon as you hear that weird clamp noise. Or, if you're crazy like me, turn around and ambush them.

    Either way, make sure you know where you are and where will be good for you to be, as how to get between those two spots. Try to find a way to make it so you can only be fired on directly from the direction you are shooting at, because getting sniped in the side by an Ion or Northstar is annoying and disruptive.

    Use your esmoke to cover a hasty retreat, dropping your tether behind or inside it in case the enemy follows you through it. I try to put the smoke down near areas where I can go two different directions to try to hide which way I went, and that seems to work fairly well.

    Most of all, don't just camp. If you lose sight of an enemy titan, and you aren't close to a teammate, assume they are trying to flank and push you, and reposition yourself to catch them off guard.

    Dont push unless you have Flight Core and an obvious and decisive advantage. I have been killed because I pushed when I should've scurried.

    With Flight Core, the best time to activate it is if you can come from behind or from a spot the enemy isn't able to see you activate it from, like behind a wall, and then get directly above them. This is the most accurate way to fire it, and will land some heavy damage before they even realize you're above them.

    Hope that all helps.
  • DTerik517
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    Us Northstar guys gotta stick together (or tell the noob in Titan Brawl using NS to find a new titan, while being 0-3 with about 1200total damage done....)!

    One thing I'll add is that your opponents have all played NS and know that you're probably charging up your Rail - if you're looking at each other.... Whether out in the open or if you're peeking around a building, etc... So everyone *kinda* has that timing down and knows when to dash to try and avoid your full-strength Rail.

    So mess with your timings! Don't just peek out just as your Rail is just fully charging. That Monarch or that Ion probably know you're about to peek out and syphon or laser fire you...

    In the open, hopefully I've hit them once or twice while they're trying to rush me, and then on the next one, the opponent dashes, based on the usual timing, hoping to avoid the shot and be up in my face... That's when I wait, blast them up close, and then use my 3 dashes to back away, while charging the next one, and either hovering for the next one after that, or I'm ready for Flight Core.

    Also, I wish they'd count "Titan Assists" in [at least] the Titan modes... I mean, I'm fine with doing 120,000 damage in LTS and somehow getting all of my kills taken from me - "we win", right?

    But count those assists and maybe give a bit of credit there, in the standings... I find that us [good] NS are doing a thankless job sometimes.... It was nice to get a PM from a guy saying "Thanks for setting up all of my executions - you're deadly with Northstar". Made my night...
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