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Do you find playing with keyboard uncomfortable?

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I have Corsair Strafe mechanical keyboard and i just cannot find nice position for this. It always feels awkward under my fingers.

I have played on pc for many many years and never had problem like this. I actually liked this a lot when i got this, but now...it just feels very uncomfortable.


  • Magikf1ngers
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    Personally - I use this Microsoft keyboard and love it.

    I have severe carpal tunnel and won't have the surgery because, when they did the surgery for my Mom a couple years before she died, she lost feeling in her fingertips, and since it's a digital age and I have to type .. I use an ergonomic keyboard. Almost completely makes it go away.

    What I have trouble with is finding a decent mouse. I thought I found a good one, it's a Corsair, but not the top model - one right below it. I REALLY like the feel of it, but the scroll wheel is a nightmare in web browsers (fine in-game, etc.) So I'm still looking for that.

    But the Keyboard - I love mine - I've had MS Ergonimic keyboards since the first Microsoft Natural Keyboard came out in the mid-90s.

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