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Some Grapple Pilot/Tact Knife Fanart I made

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edited April 2017


Keep up the great work art-team <3
Looking for some suggestion on future pilot tactical with a weapon suggestion to draw. Maybe I'll eventually get 6/6? I'm 1/3 of the way there after all : P


  • nickcroker
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    Could you do a Phase Pilot? A phase Pilot would be cool :) . Great work BTW.
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  • Greystripe007
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    That is some great art work you got there. A Holo Pilot with a Flatline would be awesome to see. :)
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  • Monanniverse
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    Here's my rendition of the Cloak pilot : )

  • DeadChaoss
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    Nice art!
  • Monanniverse
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    edited May 2017
    Here's my try at Phase, it didn't turn out as well as the others. I think I tried to bite off more than I could chew with the pose and the robot stuff. Oh well, it was still good practise. : )


  • Monanniverse
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    And here's A-Wall.

  • Monanniverse
    4 postsPosts: 5
    Here's Stim.

  • Magikf1ngers
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    NICE work! I'm not sure how I missed this until now - very impressive!
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  • RedShield55
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    I'm judging you for the ears and hair on phase shift. But meh. Nice work.
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