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Some game updates and what's next for Featured Mode

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We’ve got a couple quick updates that are now live in the game and also wanted to clarify how the new Featured Modes will work:
  • CTF: Phase shift will now drop the flag
  • CTF: Flag return timer set to 1 second
  • Double XP will start on Thursday for all modes and will run through the weekend.
  • Drydock has now returned back to the map rotation for Attrition, Bounty Hunt,
  • New modes: Titan Brawl, Marked for Death, and Iron LTS are featured modes and not part of regular mixtape matchmaking so that's why you haven't seen them yet. We’ll be swapping one of those into the Featured Mode slot starting next week. On Friday we'll do a poll so you folks can vote on which one comes out first.

Thanks for all the feedback so far!
Jay Frechette | Community Manager | Respawn
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