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Cheaters / hackers ability archive

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I feel like with all the cheating in this game, there should be an archive of what cheats exist. I'll start with what I've seen, and edit this post as more are commented.

Aimbot) The basic cheat, aims for you. This cheat can be spotted by kill cams. Sometimes people do have freakishly good aim, and the way to distinguish here is that people with good aim do miss, and their aim is kind of Shakey. Also they will ads and hipfire appropriately, not preferring one over another. Actual aimbots normally only hipfire, since the in accuracy will help them avoid suspicion. Also aimbots will land shots and track targets that should not be possible, like dmr headshotting someone while stimming and flying across the map. They will do this consistently as well. The fix is to just get the drop on them or use unfair tactics, like phase shift and shotgun, or arc grenade since it limits their camera turning significantly.

Wallhack) also another basic cheat, this gives the hackers instant knowledge of where players are, whether or not they can have that info. Just yesterday there was an enemy legion tracking my head through a wall, except that k spawned there and cloaked immediately. Didn't matter in the face of hackers though. The only way to avoid this kind is to not play, and it also normally goes hand in hand with aimbot.

Position lies) so I'm not sure what to call this, but there was someone yesterday in my game where his visual was where he percieved, but his hitbox was a solid 10 seconds behind him. Really weird, this one. Anyone else seen it?

Lag switching) looks like teleportation, but in reality it's just coordinated lag. The only way it appears to counter this is fight them like a normal player and hope that they're bad on their end. They can still die, but it's harder to kill them.

How many did I miss?


  • AlexTurtleBeach
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    Respawn needs to start answering questions. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THE CHEATS ON ALL PLATFORMS. I know you have alot on your plate and will probably wait till the game is complete till you get to this issue but an acknowledgement of the fact would be nice. And possible out comes to as this will give gamers a sense of satisfaction knowing sooner or later this will be fixed. I reported just a couple in the beginning but now it seems every match there are one or two that are fishy. You get brilliant player on tf2 and you know who they are then you get the cheats. And you definitely kniw who they are. Something needs to be said. A bit of reassurance or people will get fed up
    . l ALPHA DOGS l
  • Peter_OtH
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    Well it's June now, three quarters of a year after the initial release and i am still seeing the same type of hacks/cheats that i saw then and that are f.i. in the video's above. I think by now its safe to say that Remedy does not give a ****. Cheaters and hackers is why i stopped playing MP after about the first 3 weeks when they started showing up on the PS4 (about two weeks when they reared their heads on PC). And now all this time later nothing has changed. The MP in this game is amazing, though i personally think Monarch is a bit overpowered, generally speaking the balance is pretty good. But these **** cheaters just ruin it.
  • donoghu
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    Position desync (called Position Lies in the OP) is called Latency Compensation where both client sent different data (of positions & shot being fired) and the server decide which one is "true" and which one is false.

    When a player "teleport", it's because both the current user AND the other player lag. This is because whenever a player's model isn't (which is "ruled" by a remote client from the server) is far from its actual position from the server view, the server forces an update of transform coordinate (positions). This makes the player "teleport" around.

    Small distances usually have the player model move/strafe faster until it's synchronized. Long distance (>1m per sec) usually ends up with a forced re-position which is seen as teleportation.

    In the case of the 2 videos displayed by AlexTurtleBeach, the first one is a game where the user was badly lagging. This is possible to notice because the whole "world" stop now and then. If it was only the player in the titan, that would have affected the titan only and most shot would still have counted.
    The 2nd video is displaying what happens when a player have HUGE amount of packet being lost between him and the server. What you can notice is that the shot still count even if the model is immobile as it teleport around. The death took longer because deaths only count if confirmed from the "other" player's client.
    (This means that as long as the other player doesn't confirm his death, the server doesn't count the death. Usually, there's still a kind of timer from the server like 3 secs to confirm or death is forced... but you see what happened there.)
  • FloydDaScientis
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    Lag switching is possible without cheats. Just have really sh*tty internet. bad internet= high Ping, high Ping = easy lag switch. EDIT: note, this does not enable CONTROLLED lag switching. (don't get me wrong if you do it right it's controlled, but to a certain extent.)
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