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Team MP

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Looking for more players to join us on Titanfall 2 to give this game the exposure it deserves. Our network is Team MP.


Team MP - The Mamas & Papas Clan - A Place for Parent Gamers

Are you a parent that loves gaming?
Whether you are a life long gamer interested in joining a clan for your favourite shooter; Or entirely new to the world of gaming and just want to join some people who are in it for the fun not just the rankings.
Then Team [MP] is the place for you.

We are a clan formed in 2009.
Since then, as our numbers have grown and the gaming landscape has changed, we have evolved into a group of gamers, playing across all consoles, desktop and mobile platforms.
With the emphasis on a good time remaining throughout. Sharing a laugh on the forums or in game, we definitely try and make the most of the valuable time we get to play as busy parents.

Membership is open to all, the only requirement we have is that you are a parent. If you would like to join, simply go to teammp.net and register. You will be asked to read and agree to our Membership Guidelines, Posting Guidelines and our Code of Conduct, which prohibits glitching, hacking, and any other forms of cheating. Obsessive and rude people need not apply.

Once your account has been activated, just post your introduction, and refer to the relevant threads for links to the active player lists for multiple games.
After you have gone through the easy steps listed above, you are ready to go! If you have any questions, you can send a Private Message to one of the Team MP Administrators.

We want Team MP to be whatever you want it to be. An occasional game with parents on a hectic schedule. Or immerse yourself in our Forums, Blogs, Podcasts, Facebook and YouTube pages, Twitter feeds and more.

Thank you for taking time to read our post. We look forward to welcoming you, both on the forum and in game.

All the best from Team [MP]


  • DeadChaoss
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    Loving this game, need more people to join!
  • DeadChaoss
    5 postsPosts: 6
    edited June 2017
    Anymore like minded players out there, feel free to sign up with Team MP. I am regularly jumping between RB6 Siege, TF2 and Rocket League so looking for more players to squad up with. We are normally all on mics and we do not expect anything in game just for you to have a good time and make some new friends on our forums.

    Cick here to sign up
  • Need some players for Frontier Defense. See above if you wish to join.
  • I'm not saying that Team MP is the right fit for everyone, but for me it totally changed the world of gaming. I joined up nearly 10 years ago and found the nicest bunch of parent gamers you could wish to play with. Very relaxed bunch of all levels. Had so many laughs on so many games. Playing across all platforms, plus lots of news/ reviews on the forums etc.
    Well worth it.
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