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Phase shift tips, help

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How does one use phase shift in such a way to dodge bullets without being killed as you enter the void? Other tips n tricks for it would be highly appreciated.


  • EurynomeStolas
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    With good general movement you become unstoppable. If you don't know how to slide hop I would learn that. It will help with staying alive.
  • Sppeedbuster
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    Well Phase Shift is a versatile tool in right hands, but like anything in a game, it's prone to the failings of a bad connecting, so in some cases, getting killed while in the void as you put it is rather impossible.

    I'm not sure exactly how to increase the likelihood of not getting shot aside from always staying mobile, and keeping an ear and eye our for what's likely shooting you. If you're getting hit by something like say a C.A.R. or Mastiff while at range, there's often times no sense burning a Phase shift when simple dodging will do. But if you're caught by something more deadly like a Devotion or R201, then you should probably bug out as fast as you can.
  • Aimbot_user
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    As a phase pilot main

    There is a short delay between you pressing the button and you entering the void when using phase shift. This can result in your body getting phase shifted but not you. Preemptively phase shifting leads to you dodging the most bullets without dying, but phasing too early or too late will lead to your instant death. Additionally, if you come out of the void without knowing where your target is but the opposite is true, you MUST disengage and leave or you will die.

    Other tips:

    Use tactikill with phase shift to keep phase shifting forever. If you want a video of this in action, I can provide one. Amped weapons, fast regen, and speedloader also synergize well with phase shift. All these together let you be extremely lethal while resetting your heath and ammo at will.

    Always make sure to have one phase shift before entering a fight. Two is good, but one is essential. This is simple enough, but easily forgotten. If I switch to another tactical like stim, I always end up dying from overextending without a way to get out.

    Take a gun you don't have to aim down sights with. Examples include but are not limited to: CAR, R-97, Alternator, R-201, EVA shotgun, and sometimes L-star(although I wouldn't recommend it). That lets you engage at closer ranges. Be careful with the eva though, as it's reload does not finish while in phase shift. I usually take the CAR, but if I'm in a closer range situation I'll take the R-97.
  • OdysseyHome
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    Think of phase shift as a teleport but you have to move to the location you want to reappear at.

    In this regard its best used tactically rather than re-actively. It allows you to warp from building to building without exposing yourself to cross fire from enemy titans or pilots.

    I like using smoke grenade with phase shift because I find that if people see you phase shift they are good at tracking your 'ghost' and will shoot you on reentry. Smoke can mask this ghost effect, so foes can't tell where you are going to reappear as easily.

    Also, it is possible to chain phase shift with phase rewind to really screw around with enemies. They expect at-least two shifts, but with a phase rewind you can have up to five.
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