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Can't find multiplayer game (waiting almost 2hr for a game, can't find it)

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Can't find multiplayer game.. after waiting for 2 hr.. i quit. please help


  • xplat11
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    just play overwatch
  • ferher81
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    hi, i have a similar problem, it keeps searching for matches but never find one
  • Finglonga1
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    What are you playing and where are you? Attrition is about 10 second delay here in the UK. However it usually puts you in the middle of a game. :s
  • well its like this even when searching for all games its a joke perfect way to kill off a game either its the servers or nat type my nat type open with strong conection so it has to be their side i wouldnt wait 20 min to find A game let alone 5 its sad
  • OphidianEY3
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    edited September 2017
    Why there aren't lobbies I don't understand. I dont wait 2 hours, but it is longer than it should be. Maybe it's because I play late at night 3am to whenever, but the waiting really sucks.
  • They are literally not addressing this issue in any way...it's getting worse too
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