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Searching for Match

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I've noticed that the Matches available have disappeared, I play Amped Hardpoint and it's difficult to now know if anybody else is.......................
I'm waiting, I'm waiting....Searching for Match.......................


  • wigster70
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    edited February 2017
    Hi. I am having the same problem. Searching for match indefinitely. This is on Xbox one. No matter the server, same problem. Restarted router too. Still same. Anyone got any news of the problem?

    Update. Just joined match after half hour of trying?!
  • platetec
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    Still waiting
  • Geddon95405
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    edited February 2017
    they turned off the population notice when you q up for a game mode. Now you blindly sit in the dead q waiting to see if anyone is there. This is an obvious attempt to increase participation in the many dead modes.

    live fire was expected to completely collapse, population-wise, when 2XP ended (it was already really low by the end of the weekend) but they seem to have removed it from the playlist. I guess it will be part of the rotating weekend promotions. Gonna be various modes on 2XP weekends going forward.

    if you want fast games just do attrition
  • robleorus
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    I seem to be waiting a fairly long time to get into an attrition game since the update... I'm on PC
  • MattyMan99899
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    But attrition is so booooring :'(
  • IronSight_17
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    Likewise, waiting since 15 mins no go, In advocate Network shows plenty of players online but still nothing
  • Same thing for me. Although I do have the most success playing whatever is
    "2XP" just not so much when I search for some other mode.
  • TrIpKeBAb
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    Came to post the same thing. Turn the player count back on you sneaky [email protected]#Krs. I know the pop is low i still like the game and this is driving me away i dont wana sit waiting for 30 mins for a fkin game if noones playing.
  • ZacoAttaco
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    Same, I think the only option to save sales for this game long term is to make it free to play to level 5 or something like that. It's a very good game but people aren't playing it.
  • Even after a half year the matches just takes like 30 min. Why is this not yet fixed?
  • Mach1fla
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  • DerrameNeutral
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    i have same problem, now, in marked for death, searching, endless
    i really like this mode but can't find a match
    United We Stand - Divided We Ambush
  • Same here and was so bad that I actually timed it and in the hour I timed it for I found I was playing for 36 minutes (4 games) and was waiting in the lobbies for 24 minutes. That is not acceptable!!
  • Kriminaliti
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    the search for the game takes a long time, I really do not like what connects me when I'm playing alone, already in the middle of the game this happens in 90% of cases.☹

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