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How to play as the Godnin

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Did you ever have a little brother that all your friends say is cute and stuff but you are the only one who knows how much of a D**k he is? thats my love/hate with Ronin in the nutshell.
but this is ain't no Ronin guide... this is a guide about the d**kiest titan in titanfall2 and this name sends fear into every tone,legion and scorch player's heart: this guide is about how to play as: Godnin

Godnin and Ronin are to different titans. Ronin: is played by new players who hear the word sword and go crazy. they are the type who shoot you 4 times and spam melee untill you or most likely they die.

GODnin is another story.
Godnin will be the guy that will execute you the second your titan gets doomed. and will kill your titan the second it lands if you don't use the Dome-shield perk. And you will miss 90% of your shots on him unless you play as Legion. then you will miss only 40%. git gud!.

so Godnin is about dem combos like in mortal kombat, street fighter, league of legends, and every other game with combos.
i'm gonna give you some good combos.

first of all how to set up so you can perform all those combos:
you MUST use the Thunderstorm perk (to all u dummies you have 2 Arc waves).
and i reccomend using overcore so you can get your smoke faster but you can also use other things.

so now the juicy part: the combos.
FYI: when i say Shoot: it means fire all 4 rounds.
FYI2: always start by dashing forward unless you are already close to your enemy.
FYI3: reload every time when you enter phase dash.

1- Front engagement: Dash forward-Arc wave-Shoot-Phase dash (whatever direction)-Arc wave-Dash (left/right)-Shoot-finish off with melee attacks. Deploy smoke if you want to at any time.

2- RunNGun: Dash forward-Arc wave- Shoot- Phase dash (whatever direction)-Arc wave-Smoke-Shoot-Dash backwards&block (if low on hp)/finish off with melee attacks (if you have over 1.5 bars of hp)

3- Surprise Buttsecks (only when behind the enemy): Dash forward-Arc wave- Shoot- phase dash through the enemy (he will turn around so you will be behind him again)-Arc wave-Shoot-Dash (left/right)- finish off with melee attacks. Deploy smoke if you want to at any time.

4-Sword core: Activate core-Dash towards the enemy-Attack&Deploy smoke-Dash right&attack-Dash left&attack-keep dashing and attacking. try to not get hit.

5-Titan vs. pilot: Dash away from the pilot while facing him/her- Shoot 1 round at a time/dash in&melee/arc wave&melee. Deploy smoke if you are being rodeo'd.

these are my main combos and they do the job if you do them right but there are a few things you MUST know and remember so you will be a GODnin and not a ROnin:
1- your shots have a limited range
2-Use swordblock when you want to close a gap or run away.
3- Know what fights you can win.

#3 is the most important one because alot of ronin players tend to rush into a 3v1 fight. or even worse.

have fun playing as Godnin.
see you on the next titan guide!
feel free to vote for what guide you want next:

And remember!
I'm Smart! so this guide is legit!
"ImSmart- you're not."


  • KamilTorres33
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  • TH3SHUR1F-Ben
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    I like that tip regarding phasing through the enemy Titan as they're turning. Thanks for the tips!
    You kill me, you're betta; I kill you, I like to think I'm betta.
  • TheMightyM0
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    I'd actually like to see a Legion combos and situational guide, specifically a guide that would include spearheading an attack with a bunch of friendly titans behind you against multiple enemy titans.
  • LordHerobrine568
    56 postsPosts: 70
    Think you could make a guide on countering Monarch?
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