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Looking for players

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Looking for half decent xbox one pilots with mics to play with. I play attrition, bounty hunt, last titan standing, and CTF (not really into hardpoint but will play). Looking for people who like to win - i.e play the objective.

I play on the New York server, so if you run the same server then we'll have a better team connection. Also play early afternoon (2pm - 6pm EST) and sometimes later than 6pm. Don't play competitively but will, mostly just like to win.


  • Hi I play this game every day and I never stop playing
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    edited March 2017
    Check out my thread in this discussion about the Legion of Honor. If you don't want a clan but you want a top tier team to play with, message me on Xbox live and add me. Gamer tag has two uppercase i's on each end of GALLOWS
  • pocketsavage45
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    I'm in ny pocketrocket452 looking for party gameplay
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