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What has made you the saltiest in a MP match?



  • Hrafn-Fel
    3609 postsPosts: 3,686 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    1. Ping abusers
    2. Cloaked SP using campers
  • majormasingil
    272 postsPosts: 287 ✭✭✭
    @Hrafn-Fel ping abusers are the worst...even worse than cloaked SP users
  • Players running wild with adhesive grenade launcher and thinking they are the ****. All I got to say to that is jog,on back to cod. ****. Then there is the match making. Its bull. And dont get me started on the inconsistencies in the multi player mod. And that phase and stim bull to overpowered u shoot the **** out of them then they vanish for good while aswell and reappear with full health and end u. Its bull I even tried it to see and I can phase and vanish that long my try was vanish and reappear as soon as I vanish. So there is either a lot of cheating going on or the mechanics are all over the place which will cause same weapons to be total different in other players hands than u. I got to say titanfall 1 loved this new one is one big bag of bulls, it is a let down.
  • SnakeSound222
    161 postsPosts: 170
    FD players...
    Using Auto-Titan on Hard, Master, and Insane.
    Using the shield boost when the Harvester is not almost destroyed
    Blocking everyone else so they can rack up score

    The Apex Titan upgrade for Monarch wasting itself and giving me Energy Transfer instead of Missile Racks. I don't and never will play a Support Monarch.
  • dc_ocean
    5 postsPosts: 6
    edited October 2017
    I think lately for me it's getting to the dropship for departure. I think it's a challenge in itself,well for me. However it's just my skill level, but all good.

    I also like to acknowledge when a player has done awesome move!

    Good game though, i'm there to have fun and enjoy the game.
  • SnakeSound222
    161 postsPosts: 170
    When you know the next FD game will get your Legion to Rank 20 and then you find out you are one merit away from that sweet Dreadnought upgrade due to a loss.
  • LMS5400
    47 postsPosts: 71

    1. Melee.
    I cant tell you how many times I press my melee button and then wait for the whole animation thing to play out, and them BAM! I died.

    Even when I don't die I still don't have a good sense of confidence. Its like rolling dice. I hate the melee system so much.

    2. EPG This weapon just feels like there is another game inside of titanfall and EPG players are playing it.

    3. Live Fire.. just cant stand it and I'm terrible and its filled with spam style weapons. Everyone just bounces as high as possible and I generally don't get any fun kills even when I do win.

    4. Titan Melee -- never seems to work for me. I'm convinced now that when I press the button it actually triggers melee for the other titan.
  • rootsrat
    8 postsPosts: 14
    It's Smart Pistol for me. Seriously, this boost should be just disabled. Honestly, it's a game killer for me. Hate SP lamers lol
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